About Ember

The world faces a growing mental health crisis. Community-based initiatives are essential to addressing it. But they don't get the support they need

Ember provides mentorship and funding to excellent mental health initiatives in low-resources settings

Our radical approach combines the very best of venture capital, business consultancy, creative learning and philanthropy to create a new way of funding mental health

Our goal is for the diverse global ecosystem of mental health care to flourish, starting from within communities

Ember is a collaboration between the SHM Foundation and the Mental Health Innovation Network.


The Ember Method

health check

The Health Check

We select innovative and effective grassroots mental health projects using in-depth interviews. We then conduct the ‘Ember Health Check’ to identify their strengths and diagnose the barriers they face to sustaining and scaling up their work.


Bespoke Support

We deliver a package of support tailored to the pioneer's needs, using collaborative tools and interdisciplinary workshop methods. This may include legal support, branding and design, strategy support, financial auditing and building capacity in communications, fundraising and impact evaluation.



We broker relationships between innovators and a range of key experts from the Ember Partners Address Book, including lawyers, financial advisors, designers, policy makers, researchers and funders.


Community Building

We bring innovators together in a global community to share their unique insights so that innovations can be adapted and adopted for different contexts.

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