Green String Network

Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia |

The Mission

In areas that have experienced communal violence, trauma is passed down and violence can proliferate.

Green String Network aims to break cycles of violence in post-conflict settings by helping people deal with trauma that, if unaddressed, can pass down through generations. They sit at the intersection of peace-building, governance and mental health.

Using a trauma-informed approach and creative, participatory methodologies, GSN run workshops that help participants develop strategies for dealing with the long-term psychological impacts of con´Čéict. They train community facilitators to run these workshops for various stakeholder groups, including police, government officials and community leaders. The project has already spread across three countries.

The Challenge

The challenge for the GSN team is to articulate their unique position at the intersection of mental health, peace-building and governance. These fields are often viewed in silos, but GSN's vision is that they be approached in an integrated way.

The Collaboration

As part of our journey together, we are working to articulate GSN's unique identity and vision and to build their reputation as leaders and innovators in this space.

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