The Ember Team

An interdisciplinary approach is central to what we do. Our team brings together a diversity of perspectives, with backgrounds in global health, anthropology, psychology, business, technology, law, design and communications.

Anna Kydd

Anna is Director of the SHM Foundation. She has developed and implemented models of mobile health and social support in Latin America and Africa and is particularly interested in how network digital communications can provide opportunities for social change.

Ashleigh Beukes

Ashleigh is a qualified social worker and therapist. Before joining the team, she was Head Therapist for a treatment centre for traumatised girls in South Africa.

Francesca Zinetti

Francesca has extensive experience in communication, design and marketing for public and private institutions. She has project managed events and festivals and is based in Italy.

Georgina Miguel-Esponda

Georgina is a Research Associate at the IoPPN, King's College London, with a background in global mental health. She completed her PhD at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, assessing the implementation of a mental health programme in rural Mexico. She has extensive experience in the monitoring and evaluation of mental health programmes, with particular interest in tackling social risk factors to improve mental health.

Grace Ryan

Grace is part of the MHIN team and a Research Fellow in global mental health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has extensive experience supporting mental health programmes to monitor and evaluate their work, particularly in Uganda and Nigeria.

Hugo Schlesinger

Hugo brings technical expertise from his experience working in digital start-ups. He speaks four languages and is currently studying a law degree alongside his work with Ember.

Iona Gaskell

Iona has a background in political campaigning and grassroots community engagement. She is particularly interested in how the arts and storytelling can be integrated into how we talk about and get people participating on health matters. Iona leads Ember's public engagement and communications.

Joshua Olins

Joshua is an experienced designer. He’s worked with both corporate and non-profit organisations to create websites, infographics, animations and apps. His knowledge of user-centred design enables him to take complex ideas and turn them into simple, beautiful pieces of communication.

Julian Eaton

Julian is Co-Director of the Centre for Global Mental Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is also Director of the Community Mental Health Initiative at CBM International.

June Larrieta

June has a background in psychology and global mental health. She has previously collaborated on projects investigating infant neurodevelopmental trajectories and access to mental health care in low and middle-income countries. She currently supports monitoring and evaluation activities conducted within Ember.

Malebo Ngobeni

Malebo manages Project Khuluma, a digital health intervention run by SHM Foundation providing support groups for HIV-positive adolescents in South Africa through mobile phones. She is passionate about engaging communities in their healthcare.

Maurice Biriotti

Maurice is Chief Executive of SHM Productions, an international consultancy firm, and chair of Medical Humanities at University College London.

Nikita Simpson

Nikita is an anthropologist, currently studying a PhD at the London School of Economics, focused on adolescent and women's mental health in the context of rapid social change in rural Northern India.

Rini Sinha

Rini comes from a communications background and has worked as a journalist in India across different media. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Development Studies from IDS, University of Sussex, UK. She is constantly exploring new ways to create an impact through her storytelling skills. At Ember, she is involved in communications strategy and social media management.

Tebogo Konkobe

Tebogo is trained in psychological counselling and has worked with prison populations and vulnerable adolescents in South Africa. She currently manages SHM Foundation's Khuluma Mentor Programme, providing HIV-positive adolescents with the skills and training to facilitate peer-to-peer support groups.

Zuzana Figerova

Zuzana is the Head of development at the SHM Foundation. She has extensive experience managing both commercial and pro bono projects. Zuzana has background in international development with Master’s in international relations. She is particularly interested in how non-traditional approaches can make real contributions to development outcomes.

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